Social behaviors

State-of-the-art analysis of social behaviors in mice models.

We aim at analyzing social behaviors of mice in order to deconstruct the circuitry involved in social contexts.

The Live Mouse Tracker (LMT)

We apply this validated open-source technology, in order to study the more naturalistic social behaviors occurring within groups of mice over longer periods of time, compared to classical video-based laboratory techniques.

Groups of mice are housed in the LMT for several days and are allowed to express all their natural behaviors. The LMT, using machine learning and a RFID tags, can follow up to 4 animals simultaneously and extract a variety of different social interactions and behaviors. The post-processing, based on Python programming, offers endless possibilities to improve the range of analyses.

Social Fear Conditioning

This protocol allows to condition mice to express a generalized fear of a social context which is important to reproduce in order to study social anxiety disorders.

A mouse is conditioned to be afraid of a ‘social stimulus’. This elicits a generalized social fear conditioning.