Hormones, Plasticity & Stress.

PORTRAIT du laboratoire sur le site de la Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM): Lien ICI

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INTERVIEW of Freddy for LePoint.fr (FR): ” Les inquiétantes conséquences à long terme du stress précoce

Overview of our research:

We are studying the systems and neuronal networks implicated in the regulation of behaviors in mice models.

Two-Photon Imaging

Photo by Nicolas Six

Our lab uses a variety of technologies in order to determine the circuitry regulating social behaviors (link), memory formation (link) and …

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The Live Mouse Tracker

Photo by Nicolas Six

We use the Live Mouse Tracker, an open-source technology, to study social behaviors of groups of mice.

(Photo by Nicolas Six)

Mice house in groups display a complex range of natural and social behaviors.